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Downtown San Jose Mexi-Best Travel Guide

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The City of San José is 50 miles south of San Francisco, home to one million people — more than a third of Latino origin.

San José was called The Valley of Heart’s Delight, up the 1950s, prized for having the most productive agricultural land in California and the largest fruit production and packing region in the world, until the growth of the electronic industry in the late ’60s. The explosion of
the Silicon Valley Tech companies labeled San José “The Capitol of Silicon Valley”, and a city that honors and celebrates diverse cultures.

San José has a walkable downtown filled with museums, murals, Mexican restaurants, and historical references. Cesar Chavez Park is in the center of downtown and host to large festivals, concerts, and celebrations. The main cultural Mexican cultural gem is MACLA, in the heart of the art district known as the SOFA. San José State University is also walking distance, hosts to public art honoring the farmworkers of California & 1968 Olympains.

Enjoy this travel guide that highlights the best cultural attractions in Downtown San Jose.

Free - Downtown San Jose Mexi-Best Walking Tour

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