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We love traveling to Mexico, to experience the warmth and generosity of its culture. We believe in “Cultura Cura.” We specialize in Mexican cultural guided trips, that focus on history and art, shopping, and culinary. Mexico’s magic towns and the Latino cultural experience in the Americas. What is a magic town? These are towns in México with preserved history, folklore, and celebrated artisans. They create a rich cultural experience for their citizens and tourists. Our favorites include, México City, San Miguel de allende, Oaxaca and Puebla. Enjoy our travel guides to include “The Latin American Culture Experience in America’s” series.

San Miguel de Allende is named “Best Small City in the World” by all major travel magazines.  The town is home to over 250 boutiques, galleries, and restaurants, all walkable! Travelers enjoy the best Mexico has to offer, in this quaint, charming historic town. Shoppers love the town, as they have access to art, fashion, and cuisine at affordable prices. 

 Nestled in central Mexico, a UNESCO heritage town with its cobblestone streets, preserved colonial architecture, and a vibrant artistic community. Renowned for its Baroque churches, lively markets, and excellent cuisine, it blends history and modern creativity, offering a rich tapestry of experiences in a picturesque setting. 

Relax, as Rose guides the group each day on cultural and the best of San Miguel shopping experiences, with cafe stops along the way, and evening dinners with the best rooftop views of San Miguel de Allende. 

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