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We love traveling to Mexico, to experience the warmth and generosity of its culture. We believe in “Cultura Cura.” We specialize in Mexican cultural guided trips, that focus on history and art, shopping, and culinary. Mexico’s magic towns and the Latino cultural experience in the Americas. What is a magic town? These are towns in México with preserved history, folklore, and celebrated artisans. They create a rich cultural experience for their citizens and tourists. Our favorites include, México City, San Miguel de allende, Oaxaca and Puebla. Enjoy our travel guides to include “The Latin American Culture Experience in America’s” series.

Oaxaca City Mexico offers an immersive cultural experience steeped in tradition, beauty, and history. A vibrant colonial town that offers cultural experiences, including a welcoming preserved historical colonial center with cobbled streets. 

Enjoy this one-of-a-kind all-inclusive experience with Yolanda Manzo, California artist, and tour expert guide, Rose Mendoza as they lead the group on daily art workshops and cultural experiences.

Yolanda will offer daily lessons to include; Art Journal making, sketching, painting, mark making, handmade collage paper making, fun primitive printmaking, and stamping techniques. All lessons will be in the spirit and inspiration of beautiful Oaxaca.

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