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The state of Oaxaca Mexico is a top favorite for cultural enthusiasts, and adventure travelers, as the town, offer an immersive cultural experience steeped in tradition, beauty, and history. The City of Oaxaca, the state capital of Oaxaca, is enjoyed as a traveler's ideal experience to enjoy Mexico’s best culture, cuisine, architecture, and rich cultural traditions. Oaxaca City was declared by UNESCO a city a Cultural Heritage Site.

 A vibrant colonial town that offers cultural experiences, including a welcoming preserved historical colonial center with cobbled streets, and a central square bustling with tourists and locals along with musicians serenading people as they rest under the shaded trees, as well as visitors enjoying fine coffee and lively conversation at one of the local cafés.

The town has a traditional Zocalo, or central plaza, host to the Government Palace, the Cathedral with its baroque façade with stores and restaurants. The cafes that line the sidewalks are a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike.

Oaxaca’s museums and galleries hold many of the region’s most valuable treasures: from the jewels of Monte Albán to contemporary internationally distinguished artists. The small storefront art galleries are charming with unique and culturally relevant offerings. The markets offer an incredible variety of colorful designs. Oaxaca is one of the richest places for arts and crafts in Mexico. 

The main reasons cultural enthusiasts return to Oaxaca city are the food, artisans shopping, festivals, café y chocolate!

Enjoy this introductory travel guide that highlights Oaxaca City!

Amigas Guide to Oaxaca City MX

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