The Best Latino Museums in Southern California

The Best Latino Museums in Southern California

Plan your vacation to Southern California and visit these museums that honor Mexican & Chicano lifestyle, struggles and culture of survival.

Downtown Los Angles is home to La Plaza Cultura y Artes as well as La Plaza Cocina, walking distance from famous Olvera Street. The exhibits are  impressive; capturing Chicano's history, such as Farmworkers lucha and our fight justice for equal rights.

Long Beach is home to Museum of Latina America Art, a modern museum with an impressive collection of Mexican art and Latin American countries, my favorite was a photography exhibit highlighting Frida Kahlo.

The Riverside Museum is now permanent home to Cheech Marin famous Chicano art collections that has been displayed worldwide. A contemporary collection of art reflecting the Chicano experience in America.

The Chicano Park Museum recently open their doors, to showcase San Diego's Barrio Logan reflection of life. Displaying the resiliency of a community that fought to preserve their culture and community, known as Chicano Park.

Take the time to share these experiences with you families during your travels.

Viva La Raza!


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