Viva La Frida! The Orginal Fashionista

Viva La Frida! The Orginal Fashionista

Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907, as we celebrate her legacy, we are reminded that Frida was extremely proud of her Mexican heritage – Although considered “Mestiza” a person of mixed European and indigenous ancestry, Frida outwardly identified with her indigenous heritage. Frida used fashion to make political statements. Frida would mix western fashion with traditional indigenous clothing to make a political statement about cultural identity, nationalism, and feminism.

Frida’s anti-colonial style included modern dresses adorned with Mayan-influenced patterns, rebozo scarves, and traditional necklaces and rings.

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“Self Portrait In A Velvet Dress” A book that highlights Frida’s Wardrobe, and fashion from the Museo de Frida Kahlo.

Excerpts from the book include:

“Frida Kahlo brought the same rule-breaking genius and eye for vivid color to her personal appearance that she did to her art. Her life, her look, and her style were all an integral part of her creative output and she styled herself as thoughtfully and creatively as she did her art. Kahlo remains one of the most popular, and enduring artists of our time.”

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Frida Kahlo’s home is now a museum called “La Casa Azul”. Her creative universe can be found in the Casa Azul, the place where she was born and where she died. Following her marriage to Diego Rivera, Frida lived in different places in Mexico City and abroad, but she always returned to her family home in Coyoacán. Today it is the most popular museum in the Mexican capital. The Museo Frida Kahlo preserves the personal objects that reveal the private universe of Mexico’s most celebrated woman artist. On display are Frida’s wardrobe and jewelry for a limited time.

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