San Miguel de Allende – Corazon de Mexico


Having trouble deciding where to go on vacation this year? What if you could travel to the top destination in the world? San Miguel de Allende, MX, has received the coveted award for The World’s Best Cities from Travel and Leisure. Once you visit the culturally-rich city for the first time, you’ll see why it’s such a desirable travel destination.

Whether you like to “rough it” outdoors or relax in complete comfort, San Miguel de Allende (SMA) is the ideal place to do both. Take the entire family with you or get away for a week or two with your significant other. From authentic Mexican cuisines to incredible art, here are a few of the most notable charms the city offers visitors.

Authentic Cuisine  

People come from across the world to participate in San Miguel de Allende culinary festivals. Some of the most popular festivals occur in June and July. They’re frequented by famous international chefs, culinary gurus and regular tourists looking for exceptional Mexican cuisines.

Even if you don’t choose to participate in an official culinary festival, there is no shortage of delicious, authentic food in SMA. If you want the most genuine dining experience, travel to the corner of Nueva and Ancha de San Antonio. Here you’ll find taco trucks and street vendors selling mouthwatering Gorditas, tortas, carnitas and tacos.

Looking for a more chic, upscale atmosphere to dine in? Enjoy a romantic dinner for two at The Restaurant, or soak in the city lights while sampling delightful Mexican cuisines from the Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar. There are almost 100 eateries in SMA alone, ranging from quaint mama-and-papa cafes to fancy, 5-star restaurants. Make reservations to popular restaurants in advance, or wander the charming cobbled streets until you find an eatery that catches your eye.

 Gorgeous Art

 If you’re a fan of cultural art, you’re going to fall in love with San Miguel de Allende. This renowned art hub holds festivals to showcase and celebrate the diversity of its community art. The city’s artistic roots date back many centuries. In fact, during the Spanish colonial period, SMA received the largest amount of funding for the arts. Since then, amateur painters and professional artists have come to adore the city for its colorful and unique artwork and architecture.

There are far too many art galleries in the city to explore during a single visit, so make sure you come back and check out the galleries you missed the first time. There are also plenty of architecturally-significant buildings to visit, so squeeze them into your itinerary as well. SMA was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site back in 2008, thanks in part to its significant contribution to the Mexican Baroque architecture and art movement.

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