San Miguel de Allende MX

Mexico has a wealth of colorful and historic towns to discover. Many are designated UNESCO World Heritage sites, but San Miguel de Allende MX has received the coveted award for one of the “The World’s Best Cities” from all travel magazines. 

Yes, we all have our favorite Mexico beach resorts, but if you are ready to explore  San Miguel de Allende, a small heritage town, 2 hours north of Mexico City, a designated “Magic Town”, a town that has preserved its culture and history. Take advantage of our FREE Itinerary!

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Authentic Cuisine

We all travel to eat well, relax and be inspired; this is why  San Miguel de Allende was voted best town to travel, 2 consecutive years by T&L magazine. Visitors come from across the world to participate in San Miguel de Allende culinary festivals. Some of the most popular festivals occur in June and July. They’re frequented by famous international chefs such as “Enrique Olvera”, a Mexican culinary guru, and regular tourists looking for exceptional Mexican cuisines.

The town is also host to world class cooking schools, teaching the secrets of traditional Mexican dishes. Let’s not forget the 100-year-old local bakery, which serves fresh “Concha’s” everyday. If you have time, join the “Taco and Mezcal” walking tour and hang out with the 10 feet tall paper mache puppets.

Arte Popular

If you are an admirer of  original art, you will fall in love with the 100+ boutiques and galleries. This renowned art hub holds festivals to showcase and celebrate the diversity of its community art.

There are many art galleries in the city to explore, to include “Casa Corazon” a shop that only sells art inspired by hearts, and plenty of architecturally significant buildings to visit. SMA was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site back in 2008, thanks in part to its significant contribution to the Mexican Baroque architecture and art movement.

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