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Learning culinary skills in San Miguel de Allende helped this woman embrace her Mexican heritage.

Sometimes, a travel experience moves us so much that it goes beyond enjoyment or inspiration and ends up transforming our lives. These experiences make for powerful stories, which is why here at AFAR, we created an entire “Travel Tales” program to celebrate those stories.

As part of that program, we asked readers to submit their own stories of transformation and selected four of them to run on Here’s one of our curated selections.

The Tale of Transformation
I discovered the true taste of my Mexican heritage after attending a cooking school in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I learned about San Miguel de Allende after reading an intriguing article in a travel magazine, which referred to it as a Magic Town, due to its artistic beauty. We found that there were opportunities there for a cooking vacation, and my sisters and I were looking for an interesting experience that would also be a way to bond as sisters.

The cooking school taught us all kinds of delicious Mexican recipes that were traditional, authentic, and healthy. The town was also stunningly beautiful and offered lots of artistic and cultural experiences. San Miguel de Allende quickly became my heaven on earth.

I returned from the cooking vacation with a chest-pounding sense of pride in Mexican culture and my place within in. Within two years, I quit my corporate job and started my own travel company specializing in Mexican heritage trips, so that other Mexican Americans could have the same experience.

—Submitted by Rose Mendoza


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