Hola Chica
Amiga’s familiar with the Catholic faith, will have a chance to admire, La Basilica de Guadalupe, as it is the most important church in all of Mexico. This is the second most visited religious church in the world, preceded only by the basilica of St. Peter in Rome. La Basilica de Guadalupe was built on...
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The Manhattan of Latin America These neighborhoods or “colonias” are described by tourist as  “Manhattan of Latin America” as they have the most nightclubs and bars within the city; you could spend weeks there and before you exhaust the party potential. Though the older, more traditional bars are mostly for men, these neighborhoods have establishments...
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The Aztecs named Teotihuacan, when discovering this city that was already in ruins by then means, “where the man meets to the gods” as it gave them the impression that in this place the gods were born. Teotihuacan was one of the most important cities in Mesoamerica for its time, reaching a population of over...
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A Magical Neighborhood San Angel is the main reason shoppers return to Mexico City, each Saturday they host Bazar Sabado, an Amiga’s shopping paradise, along with the fun feeling of visiting a magic town. This magical neighborhood has beautiful cobbled streets, elaborately decorated stone mansions, and the charm of the colonial era. The neighborhood is full...
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