Travel Insurance 101

Travel Insurance 101

The Benefits of Travel Insurance

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With the holidays squarely behind us, most folks have already settled back into their regular routines. Wake up. Get ready. Go to work. Dream of your next trip.

A good amount of people are already starting to make travel plans for summer; the days are longer, the weather is usually way nicer, the kids are on summer break. In your head, you are already feeling the warm summer sun on your skin.

You are now thinking about joining, Dulce Vida Travel All-Inclusive tours and considering travel insurance. After all, you just put down a lot of money for your vacation and you want to be prepared if something unexpected were to happen.

With that in mind, it’s important to know what is covered so you can decide whether or not it’s an expense you wish to incur.

What Travel insurance covers as reported by

Travel insurance covers most unexpected things that might happen to you when you plan a trip.

If you’re taking a trip, there is always the possibility that your trip might be canceled for any number of reasons.

Travel insurance can also cover many types of medical emergencies that your health insurance company might not include in their policy.

Below are some of the different things that could be covered if you purchase travel insurance.

The following are some of the common features of travel insurance that might make it worthwhile for you. Remember, every company is different, and they may offer different combinations of the below to varying degrees.

You should always check with a Travel Insurance company to make sure that what you want is what you will be getting.

Cancel for any reason (CFAR) coverage:

Most companies allow for cancelations due to a list of pre-approved reasons, such as a death in the family or serious illness. Just what it sounds like, this option allows for reimbursement due to cancelation for any reason up to a certain percentage.

Trip Delay Coverage:

This option can reimburse you for expenses related to unexpected delays in travel, such as lodging during the wait or missed connections between flights. Some companies even provide reimbursement for flight change fees.

Trip interruption coverage:

This reimburses you for unused portions of your trip as well as the cost of getting back home early, such as last-minute flights.

Medical coverage:

Medical coverage will reimburse you for emergency care if necessary on your trip.  If you get hurt, sick, or need to go to the emergency room, travel insurance can help.

Medical Evacuation Insurance:

There are also different additions to your basic coverage that might be better for your particular trip.  Medevac coverage will help cover the costs of treatment that require you to seek assistance outside of the area you are visiting.

Replace Stolen or lost luggage:

It isn’t uncommon that your luggage is either stolen or lost when you go on a trip.  You might leave a backpack or suitcase somewhere and come back to find it’s gone.  The cost of replacing your suitcase and the items inside can get very expensive.

Travel insurance can help with any kind of theft of any personal items when you are away.  

Car travel:

If you decide to rent a car and are in an accident (even if it isn’t your fault), the coverage that is included with most car rental companies might not be enough.  Even minor accidents can become costly and travel insurance can help pay the difference.

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Final thoughts:

These are just some of the features travel insurance has to offer. No two trips are 100% identical, so for the same reason, no coverage is one size fits all. A number of add ons or riders can help you get the most out of your coverage.

There are many reasons to consider travel insurance.  It can really help out if something unexpected happens from either stolen items to even a natural disaster.

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