February 11, 2021
Mexican Folk Art is referred to as artesanías;  Mexican Folk Artists in Mexico tend to be a part of a community either in the countryside or the city. In most rural communities crafts are made in the artisans’ spare time, being farming their main activity, these artists are typically self-taught; as well as an artist...
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At Dulce Vida Travel we love the Mexican experience, especially the warmth and generosity of the Mexican culture. We are based in San Jose California.

We believe culture matters. As second generation Mexican-Americans, we are privileged to enjoy our culture, California lifestyle and Mexican Heritage.

Our mission is to share these heartwarming experience with everyone.

We specialize in Mexican cultural guided tours, that focus on history, art, shopping and culinary experiences, both in Mexico’s Magic Towns and the Bayarea’s thriving Latino food and art scene.

Please join our community!