20 Amazing Facts About Mexcio

20 Amazing Facts About Mexico That Will Spark Your Curiosity!

Enjoy these 20 amazing facts about Mexico that most Latinos will certainly be surprised to learn! By the time you’ve finished this list, you’re going to be ready to pack your bags and embark on a great Mexican adventure. Gather the familia and enjoy these inspiring facts, then get ready to plan your trip.

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1# Mexico is actually named Estados Unidos Mexicanos (The United Mexican States)

One of the most interesting facts about Mexico that most second/third-generation Latino are not aware of; the country is not really called “Mexico.” After gaining its independence from Spain in 1821, the newfound country took on the title Estados Unidos Mexicanos in 1824. That’s because it wanted to model itself after the democracy in the United States (Estados Unidos).

The word “Mexico” originates from the Aztecs, who referred to themselves as the Mexica. In their language, Nahuatl, Mexico means “place of the Mexica.”

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