The Battle de Puebla

Many Americans forget Cinco de Mayo honors the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla. It is celebrated on the Fifth of May as the symbol of victory over the French Empire by the Mexican army. In Mexico, the people celebrate this day in various towns and especially in Puebla where the said battle took place. There are parades taken place in which people honor the victory of the soldiers.

What really happened on this day?

In the year 1861, when Mexico delayed payments of their debts to the English, French, and Spanish country they invaded them. After a year in 1862, the English and Spanish governments withdraw from Mexico. But the French do not withdraw due to the support from wealthy people and landowners. They try to establish their own rule over Mexico but with the help of General Ignacio Zaragoza and a poorly equipped troop of Mexican soldiers the war began in Puebla.

The battle took place on May 5, in which 1000 soldiers of French troops were killed. This fight was just the beginning and the fighting continues for five years. The victory of Puebla was the greatest support and morale for Mexico which helped in winning the final battle. The name of the city changed to Puebla de Zaragoza, in which you can visit the site of the battle turned into the museum.

How do people celebrate on this day?

Unlike America, on May 5th, you can see the celebration of Cinco de Mayo with parades and victory speeches throughout Mexico. There are some enactments of the real battle which took place.  In America, most Latinos are losing sight that this is an important day to celebrate our Mexican heritage. Instead, a commercialized reason to party. Como el dicho Viva Mexico Caborones!

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