The Amigas Guide to Puebla MX

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Excited to share my new Travel Guide, now available on Amazon for purchase.

The Amigas Guide to Puebla Mexico – A Cultural Destination Beyond Expectation

Why I Love Puebla

Puebla has a special place in my heart, as I have family that lives in Puebla, and have had the opportunity to explore and enjoy Puebla like a local.

These experiences inspired me to publish a travel guide for all my Amigas to enjoy.

Puebla is not only the birthplace of specialty cuisines such as Mole and Chiles en Nogadas but also an exciting cultural hub that blends indigenous traditions with Spanish colonial influence and continues to transition to an industrial town, with a strong economy.

12 Most Interesting Facts About Puebla MX

  1. People from Puebla are called Poblanos.
  2. Puebla de Zaragoza is the city’s official name (after the General that won the Cinco de Mayo battle), locals still refer to the town as Puebla de Los Angeles.
  3. Puebla is not a Mesoamerican town; the Spaniards built Puebla.
  4. Puebla is situated in a valley, surrounded by legendary active volcanic mountains.
  5. Puebla is known for its many legends, such a La China Poblana & El Popo.
  6. Puebla is an architectural jewel with 2,619 religious and civil monuments and a designated UNESCO heritage site.
  7. Home to Latin America’s largest Ferris wheel, Estrella de Puebla.
  8. Birthplace to world-class cuisine- Mole, Chile en Nogadas, and Dulces.
  9. Sister town, Cholula, home to the world’s largest pyramid, topped by a 16th- century church.
  10. History includes the setting for the Battle of Puebla, which fought and won by Mexican forces in 1862, known as Cinco de Mayo.
  11. Puebla is known for its beautiful tradition of Talavera pottery production.
  12. The Volkswagen manufacturing site in Puebla is the second-largest outside Germany, and it was the last site to produce the Volkswagen Beetle. `


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I will be announcing new tours 2nd half of 2021, that will include San Miguel de Allende and Puebla!

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