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I recently visited Phoenix AZ for 2 days to meet with Kathy Murrillo, to finalize our upcoming, sold out Crafty Chica Art Retreat in San Miguel de Allende. During my stay in Phoenix, I was treated to an amazing Latino Art experience.

I landed on a Tuesday at 10:30am from San Jose. My first stop was to visit Mucho Mas Studios, a new collaborative art studio and shop,

by  Kathy Murillo, Patrick Murillo and Emily Costello, each artist inspired by Mexican heritage. The shop was filled with fun, colorful, original artwork, all with a Latino influence. I purchased an original Crafty Chica,  ceramic Sacred Heart that I will treasure! 1736A E. McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ


My next stop was Phoenix Museum about 2 miles down the road.

The public art surrounding the modern building was stunning.

Quite impressive was the Carlos Amorales installation of black butterflies. Description I found this description on their website:

Inspired by the annual migration of monarch butterflies from Canada to Mexico, Carlos Amorales conceived of Black Cloud as a “plague” of moths that swarm through museum spaces. 25,000 black paper moths and butterflies of 30 different species seem to hover in mid-air, a surreal yet sublime gathering of insects delicately poised in sculptural formations. The artist invented this idea while visiting his grandmother. He has described it as his way of saying goodbye to her—an intensely personal origin for an artwork that inspires a universal sense of wonder in each of us.  1625 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ



On to the Heard Museum about 1 mile on same road. I fell in love with the Heard Museum, had this great southwest vibe.! Upon arriving I was ready for lunch.

They had the best café, with a southwest inspired menu, it was perfect for a hungry traveler. The exhibits were captivating, starting from the Symmetry in Stone – Richard Chavez Jewelry Collection to Awa Tsirech: Pueblo Painter and Metalsmith.

The display of Native American artifacts are beautiful, and to my surprise impressive protest art installations. The Heard is on my 10 best museums in United States.Take advantage of the free-guided tour. 2301 N. Central Ave, Phoenix AZ


Day 2 – I visited a tiny town called “Guadalupe” it was wedged between Phoenix and Tempe. I found the cutest Mexican Folk Art Store, simply called Mercado Mexico.

The shop carried an extensive inventory of Mexican Folk Art, what I loved the most, was their selection of tableware! The selection of designs to pick from, where similar to the designs offered in the town of Puebla MX. How I wish could purchase a set, but I only had a carryon, so I purchased a set espresso cups with matching saucers. 8212 S. Avenida Del Yaqui, Tempe, 85283




The day was young, so I headed back to Phoenix, I tracked down another Mexican Folk art store on 24th street. The Mexican Arts Import store, had a warehouse style set-up, with quality Mexican products, it we impressive. Their collection of Sacred Hearts and Dia De Los Muertos, were authentic, and fun, I could have purchased them all.340 N 24th Street Phoenix AZ

My last stop, was the Arizona Latino Arts and Cultural Center in downtown Phoenix, across from the convention center. The gallery and gift shop displays mainly contemporary Latino Artist, along with gift store called “La Tiendita”. An excellent selection of art & prints that represents the best of Latino Art.


Take the time to visit Phoenix AZ, and explore Latino Art and shopping, no need for a passport to have a Mexican Art Experience

Back on airplane to San Jose early Thursday!

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