Get to Know the Heart of Dulce Vida Travel

Step away from the ordinary with a Mexico travel experience that fully embraces the warmth and generosity of the Latino spirit.

Cultural activist Rose Mendoza, owner of Dulce Vida Travel LLC, specializes in sharing unique travel adventures with individuals, groups, friends and organizations. 

As second-generation Mexican-Americans, Mendoza and her group of travel professionals understand the heartbeat of Mexico and how its history, art and cuisine can transform visitors’ worldviews.

Dulce Vida Travel, based in San Jose, California, specializes in guided tours that highlight the culture and history of Mexico’s Magic Towns as well as the thriving Latino art and food scene within California.

Among the most popular Magic Towns – where folklore, artisans and cuisines still shine – are San Miguel de Allende, Oaxaca, Mexico City and Puebla. 

We appreciate that many travelers are looking for unique experiences that require leaving the beaten tourism path. Those are our people. When you choose Dulce Vida as your travel partner, you will get an unexpected glimpse into the world of Mexican culture while sharing the experience with like-minded travelers.

As a Latina-owned company, Dulce Vida is prepared to cater particularly to women who want to explore Mexican-themed travel. Rose and her team are ready to serve as your travel concierge, providing heartwarming cultural experiences that reach beyond the ordinary.

Mexican Culture Experts & Author

Rose Mendoza is a Mexican culture expert, author, Latina influencer, and maintains a Masters Degree with an emphasis in Branding and Marketing.

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